Choose the Best in Timber Floor Installation, Sanding and Polishing

February 22, 2017

Timber flooring adds class and ambiance to any room in which you install it. Different types of wood, colours and styles are available for this flooring today. To receive the optimal results from this type of flooring, though, you must select the best in timber floor installation, sanding and polishing…

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Tips When Selecting Your Timber Floor Colour and Design

February 7, 2017

A major decision that homeowners often need to make during a remodel or new construction is what timber floor colour and design they should opt for to enhance their rooms in the best manner. If you are facing this at the moment, though, you may be wondering how to select the ideal choices for your home's decor…

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Light Hardwood Timber Floors: Tips on What Colour of Furniture Should Match These Floors

January 30, 2017

Light hardwood timber floors provide a quiet, elegance to a home, whether it is traditional, modern, contemporary, and eclectic or another style of house. To enhance the appearance of these floors to the fullest extent, you must understand the type of furnishings and accents that will complement them in a preferable manner…

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dark color

Dark Hardwood Timber Floors: Tips on What Colour Furniture Should Match

January 10, 2017

Dark hardwood timber floors make a dramatic statement in your home, regardless of its style. To heighten the effect that these floors have in your house, though, you must add the right colour of furniture to the room. Unless you pay attention to this detail, you can wind up with a dark and drab ambiance in the room instead of a rich, comfortable, attractive one…

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